Meeting July 17, 2018: Requirement Review and 1st Progress Meeting, at Thales Alenia Space (Rome, Italy)


Meeting agenda

Requirement Review:

  • Welcome, introduction and schedule of the meetings (TAS-I)
  • Recall on ATOS technical objectives (TAS-I)
  • SAR mission overview (TAS-I)
  • EFE performance requirements (TAS-I)
  • Radiating Panel performance requirements (Univaq)
  • TR Module and MMIC requirements (TAS-I)
  • PO and expert feedback on requirements (EU)

1st Progress Meeting:

  • Overall progress status (TAS-I)
  • WP1 – Project Management and Coordination (TAS-I)
  • WP2 – Tradeoff and Requirements (TAS-I)
  • WP3 – Detailed Design
  • WP6 – Roadmaps & dissemination (Univaq)
  • Visit to TAS-I facilities
  • Actions’ Status and Next Steps (TAS-I)
  • Project officer feedback to the consortium (EU Officer)
  • Conclusions