People – MEC

NameShort BiographyRole in ATOS
Mr. Giorgio Mariani Mr. Giorgio Mariani Managing Director of MEC srl, he is well introduced in the terrestrial and satellite telecommunications European market. He spent the most part of his career in the Management of key European telecommunication and Military/Space companies as Thales, EADS and STM. With such companies he held positions as Marketing and Managing Director for South Europe and got a good and effective relationship with the Major European Players, such as Thales, Siemens, Finmeccanica, Marconi, Italtel, Cisco, along with main governmental Authorities in Space and Military sectors, such as ASI (Italian Space Agency), Italian DOD and ESA. He managed and coordinated different R&D Space programmes funded by EC and ASI, to name some MIGAN, SAR2000, ULTRASPONDER, SALINT, SMART, CLEVER and MIMAP.• Program Manager - he has the complete programmatic and contractual responsibility for the execution of the project.
• Marketing and Exploitation Responsible – he will develop and apply the exploitation and commercialization plan for MEC.
Dr. Francesco Scappaviva Dr. Francesco Scappaviva is the R&D and Production Manager in MEC. He has built a great heritage in Power MMIC design and characterisation. In detail, the main expertness are: Industrial and Research program Managing, Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits design using simulation CAD environment, Layout generation and measurement about active and passive electronic components, Microwave Power, Linear and Low Noise Amplifier design for Space, Military and Terrestrial Communications, Integrated Down Conversion Mixer Design, Variable Attenuators and Phase Shifters Design, Design and Testing of T/R Modules for Phased Array Antennas, Design, Check and Layout of Dies and Tiles in production Wafers, Bare chip Attaching and Bonding, Design, production and assembly of Test Boards for Hybrid and MMIC circuits, Contacts and Cooperation with the main worldwide semiconductor Foundries. Over the last 10 years, he was involved in the coordination and technical execution on important Industrial and Research programs for Space applications, such as: Cosmo Skymed II Generation, SIASGE, IRIDIUM, etc... He currently manages a team of seven PHD Engineers which cover the core activity of the company.• Project Manager and Technical Officer – he defines the activities to be carried out for the achievement of the performances of the GaN based SCFE including the compliance to the requirements. He manages and leads the design reviews and final reviews. He is supported by all the engineers involved in the project, from modelling up to final tests.